May 19

Shadows by Paula Weston

9781921922503Supernatural romance novels. By now I would swear that there can be nothing new. They were the flavour of the month for years – until dystopian adventures took over. So – ho hum – this can fall to the bottom of the review stack. And there it lingered for a few years. Then book two arrived. Put the two together and wait for a good opportunity to read them. A few weeks ago I had a long and quiet weekend and got started.

Gaby is a normal teenager living in a remote surfing community. She works at the local cafe, lives with her BFF and grieves for her brother who was killed in a road accident a year ago. The only problem she has is a recurring nightmare that involves demons and hell-beasts. Eventually she writes down the story of the dream and submits it to a short story competition. Then Rafa comes to town, claiming to be her brothers best friend, but Gaby has no memory of him, except as a face in her dream. So what is reality – her life or her nightmare?

Shadows turned out to be a very good read. Paula Weston has writing style that holds attention and keeps you turning pages, but still pausing every now and then to think! Are the characters that feel foul really not to be trusted? Is Rafa too good to be true? There are no answers spelled out, the reader is left to draw their own conclusions.

I should have known better. Text doesn’t have a huge YA list, but it is generally quality reading. I have already handed Shadows on to others, and feedback has been excellent.

Now to get the rest of the series.

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