May 16

The Traitor Queen by Trudi Canavan

9781841495965I can’t believe I have had this book as long as I have. Nearly a year before I finished it. This is partly because I had to source and read book two in the trilogy before continuing the journey, but still…

Like many fantasy authors Canavan has established in her mind a wonderful complex magical world. This is book seven told from this world, and it very nicely draws together several threads and still leaves room to continue the story again, perhaps picking up the next generation.

In a world full of magic, black magic is seen as the most powerful, and dangerous. Very few magicians can access that power and they are isolated and guarded. In one country, only three are allowed, all others are prohibited training. But in this trilogy, all those rules are tested. First when the son of an authorised magician discovers latent abilities he naturally possess. What can be done to protect him, but to send him off as an ambassador to a distant land. But then he is kidnapped and taken to a hidden city of Traitors. Here it seems everyone practices black magic, and society runs well. Now in book 3, this society of Traitors is determined to destroy a nation whose social order is founded on slavery and the acquisition of power with magic.

As always, book 3 of a fantasy trilogy will make little or no sense without reading books 1 and 2 first. Much of this book would seem to be political diplomacy, court intrigue and small skirmishes that eventually lead to one big decisive battle. Totally appropriate for the story. To me, the final resolution was just ‘right’. Realistic without going too far. Satisfying without closing doors on all future stories.

And now to open the Canavan that arrived last week.

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