February 13

Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones

1363038957328Some would call this gothic, others mystery, or even adventure. Me? I just say this is one of those wonderful books that ignores genre boundaries. Even better – it’s fun to read.

Wild Boy is covered in hair and was raised as a monster. He is making a ‘living’ as part of a travelling freak show. But he isn’t as stupid as everyone thinks. He watches the audience every day with great care and quickly becomes a very good observer – Sherlock Holmes good. But then one day he is accused of murder. No one will believe that the Freak is innocent, after all he is a wild monster. His only chance is to run and try to find the real killer.

This book is dripping with atmosphere, literally. You can hear the hawkers in the freak show. The overcrowded streets of 1840s London are dirty, smelly and provide heaps of hiding places. But beware the shadowy figure who always turns up. Or maybe not?

This is a book marketed for upper primary, and experienced readers of that age will certainly enjoy it. But me, I suggest that it will be an excellent alternative for all those lower secondary kids who find it difficult to get into books. This one just could surprise them.

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