February 13

The Tunnels of Tarcoola by Jennifer Walsh

resized_9781742376752_224_297_FitSquareThere is something about a mystery that appeals to everyone. I have seen this book compared to classics, like the Famous Five, but placed in a contemporary world. Like these children’s classics, the action starts on page one with the kids arguing and throwing stones on the beach. But then the tide changes…

Four children, all tweens, are led into a world of secret tunnels and mysterious packages. All good fun until grown-ups start watching and following. What is so important? And are the kids safe? Can they keep each other safe? Will they still be friends when it is all over?

In a modern world where most kids are wrapped in cotton wool, these four adventurers have a lot of freedom. But then they need that freedom in order for the plot to work. Realistic? Who cares? I challenge anyone to claim that Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or the Famous Five were realistic, and kids have been loving them for years.

Jennifer Walsh has written a classic adventure tale for modern times.

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