January 27

The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks

9781841499086Literally a year ago I reviewed book one of this fantasy trilogy. This book was read a few weeks later, but then last year was not a good year for either reading or reviewing. I certainly remember putting the book aside wondering how on earth I could write any comment or review that made any sense at all. Add to that the frustration of waiting for volume 3. So far there is no hint of a publication date, and I am really hanging out.

Gavin is dying. His White Prism power is fading and he must hide that fact skilfully if he is going to even survive a year. He has upset his father, who controls the governing council for the kingdom, and as a result he is effectively exiled from anyone who can help. His jilted fiance has discovered too many of his secrets, the disclosure of which can ruin him. His bastard son is showing more power every day, but unschooled he is dangerous. And then there is the rebellion…

As I have said many times, the whole point of book two is to thicken the plot, move the pieces on the chessboard and draw up the battle lines. In this book 2 the plot is definitely thicker, and the characters are moving into position. (I like the flying boat by the way.) However, the hero is losing everything, and the anti-hero may actually be the hero. All that confusion makes the battle lines difficult to find.

As always, Weeks takes a traditional fantasy formula and gives it a twist. Theme – Good vs. Evil? First you need to be able to tell which is which don’t you?

Please, please hurry with book 3.


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