January 15

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

edb300c77826cc8791e44ebc2c3131caAnother book for younger readers. This time it is a whimsical historical adventure about chasing dreams and finding the truth.

Sophie has always been told that she was orphaned in a shipwreck while she and her musician mother were travelling across the channel to England. But Sophie is convinced that her mother also survived and is currently living in Paris. So she runs away to look for her mother.

In Paris Sophie soon makes friends with other homeless children who escape the authorities by living on rooftops. Together they gradually gather information that may lead to finding out the truth about what happened to Sophie’s mother.

This is an easy comforting read targeted very nicely for the 9-11 age group. A little bit of suspense, a lot of resilient children, and a wonderful setting to fill the imagination. The serious themes are woven into the fabric of the story subtly, making the whole reading and learning experience a lot of fun.

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