January 11

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jill Wolfson

Review #10 – 94 to go. So far I am well on track to finish the Mad Reviewer Challenge!

Once upon a time nearly every book written for young adults addressed some social issue – drugs, drinking, eating disorders, mental illness, abuse – you name it and there was a book about it. Reality fiction seemed to be all that publishers were interested in. Then suddenly everything changed – now it is supernatural, fantasy, adventure, and sometimes all in one book. This novel seems to turn the clock back, but in a very good way.

Dani was born with a bad heart. For 15 years she has been in and out of hospital, endured more medical tests than you can imagine. The only thing that could give her a normal life is a new heart. But for her to get a heart, some other family has to lose everything. How on earth do you deal with that?

Amanda is a gymnast. She lives for her physical activity, and then one day a blood clot in her brain ends it all. Fortunately for Dani, Amanda’s family generously allows her healthy organs to be taken for transplant.

Now Dani wants to say thank you! But how?

Wolfson has told an important story without pulling any punches. Reviewers who know more about medical procedures than I do have commented about the detailed and accurate descriptions. This is truly reality fiction, a whole lot more real than any reality TV you may see. Running parallel to all this information is the emotional story, both from Dani and Amanda’s family. I challenge anybody to read that last chapter without a tear.

I am not going to say this was my favourite read last year, but I am certainly glad I did.

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