December 12

Shark Wars by EJ Altbacker

How would you survive as a shark? Does anybody know if they have a social structure, pack behaviour or anything else about them? Certainly all the docos on Discovery focus on the shark attacks and other dangerous shark-human contact. Altbacker takes a very different view, treating sharks far more like wolves that live and hunt in packs.

Gray is the largest shark in his clan and he is still only a pup. His huge hunger seems to get him into trouble all the time, and early in this book it happens again. This time, he is exiled from the clan, and he and his friends eventually find another small group of exiles. They find another group of exiles and together they form the Rogue Clan. All is well until another clan shows up and ‘adopts’ the rogue group. But is this new group as good as they seem to be?

Many would call this an animal story simply because all the main characters are different varieties of fish. As in many animal stories for kids, the animals all talk and carry on just like humans. That is fine, once you get used to the idea. But maybe I’m too old, or I know too much about animal behavior. I had some problems with the fact that sharks were friends with other fish species. Anyway it made a good story.

This will be a good series for those 8-12 year old boys who like getting into an adventure series that will go on. Certainly Puffin is already promoting book two in the series, so I can only assume that it is going to continue for a while. Good news.

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