July 4

The River of Shadows by Robert V.S. Redick

9780575081840Eighteen months! That is how long I have had to wait for news from my friends at sea! And sadly, it took me some time to refresh my memory. There have just been too many books read in between.

At the end of volume 2, our heroes, well most of them, had just arrived at a small village at the other end of the world. Where they had a big surprise waiting. Suddenly they are no longer heroes, but rather more like slaves, or worse plague carriers. They have a lot more to worry about than just Arunis, survival becomes the real challenge. Food, water, and repairs to the severely damaged ship take priority for awhile, and then there is that armada of Great Ships that are just over the horizon hunting for them. If they allow themselves to be captured, then at least they will be fed and their captors are likely to repair the ship. Once the basics of survival are looked after, well, just then Arunis steals the Nilstone, and once again the fate of the world depends on the seven.

The big battle/finale in this is great! I can’t say too much, but I certainly got a huge surprise. And when Thasha gets her answers, I suddenly thought that I needed to go back to book one and do a little homework. Too bad I don’t have storage space to keep everything on the shelf. I’ll have to trace a copy to work out the backstory to Eristhume.

And pretty please, don’t make us wait for 18 months for volume 4. Neeps hasn’t got that long.

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