February 14

Jekel loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

9780143204046OK, so the cover of the book looks like it is nothing more than a gothic romance. Maybe no vampires, but everything else simply reeks of a silly love story. I read Fantaskey’s first novel and it was too silly for words. And I will admit to rejecting this one for the Reading Challenge because it just looked too silly. But you know what they say about a book and it’s cover.

Fantaskey starts with the famous 19th century story of Jekyll and Hyde and then wonders – what if Hyde was an inherited genetic disorder and the Jekyll family continued to work in the field of chemistry. Eventually the Hydes find the Jekylls and either want them to create a ‘cure’ or prevent a cure every happening.

Yes this is a romance. What else can you expect me to list on Valentine’s Day? But although I can’t remember ever reading Jekyll and Hyde, I strongly suspect Fantaskey has used it extensively as background. I just wish I had time to go back and read it now.

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