May 3

True Detectives by Jonathan Kellerman

Someday it would be a good thing if the publicist and the publisher actually met and discussed the book they were promoting. All the publicity said this was a new Alex Delaware novel thanks to the publicist, but Kellerman’s webpage and the publisher’s webpage and the also by… list all tell the truth that it isn’t. But, hey, it was a very good read anyway.

It was actually refreshing to read about a new ‘team’ of detectives. In this case two brothers, Aaron and Moe. Aaron is a flash private investigator, used to bending the rules and pushing boundaries. Moe, short for Moses, is a young detective working in the same precinct as Milo Sturgis. The brothers each have different fathers and it appears their resentment of each other can be traced back to their father’s partnership. The fathers were both policemen and one man died through his partner’s inaction. This kind of resentment can build in a family and at the opening of this book Moses and Aaron are barely civil to each other.

But then a missing persons case arrives on Moe’s desk. His brother is hired to investigate the disappearance because the family are quite convinced that the police are doing nothing. Not really the best basis for reconciliation. However, each man brings his own insights and talents to the search and they uncover a murder and much much more.

I quite enjoyed this book. Yes the core Kellerman plot was there, but changed enough to suit the two new leading detectives. And the LA that these men inhabit is a very different city from the one where Alex and Milo live. 

I hope there is more to come from the adventures of Moses and Aaron, but please inform the publicist that these books are not Alex Delaware novels.


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