May 2

Captain Congo and the Crocodile King by Ruth Starke

Haven’t times changed. There was a day when a book like this would be taken off any boy trying to read it and a boring chapter book shoved in his face instead. Now this graphic nove/comic book has been actually nominated as the CBC picture book of the year.

Captain Congo and his offsider Pug the Penguin are off to Africa to rescue a missing archaeologist. The man was last seen searching for the lost Treasure of the Queen of Sheba. Congo and Pug travel by tramp steamer, encountering spies, murderers, crocs and angry natives.

This book is right out of the 50s. It reads like a Saturday afternoon serial, one madcap adventure after another with a bare minimum of plot in between. But that is fine because that is exactly the what the book pretends to be. The presentation is so much like those comic books from the 50s that I thought for a moment time had run in reverse.

But it is a great, entertaining read.

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