April 13

Night Vision by Rory Barnes

Kosta is a troublemaker. His mouth gets him into trouble. He is broke, on a good behavior bond, and he keeps having someone else’s dream. What on earth is going on? The Kosta finds himself an easy job, reading to some old guy in a hursing home who is nearly blind. Kosta sees it as a way to get some quick cash and even partially restore a reputation.

But old Jack wants Kosta to read his old diaries… Boring… However the diaries provide a link between the two, and even a clue to the mysterious dreams.

This is a very good book about youth and old age. It’s about how things change, but also how they remain the same.

Students have loved Rory Barnes’ Horsehead series. It will be interesting to see if they enjoy this as much once I give it some promotion.

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