April 12

The Mystery of the Ruby Glasses by Lindsay Cripps

Shey has been dumped with her artist uncle while her parents go on holidays. His house is full of paintings and Shey is BORED until she discovers an old pair of opera glasses studded with rubies.

Then Shey happens to look at a painting through the glasses and finds herself inside the action of the painting. Imagine her surprise as she is racing a sandstorm in ancient Egypt! And what is Uncle Ruben doing inside these paintings as well? Are there really clues left by his missing wife to enable Ruben to follow her?

This book is almost impossible to place in one simple category or genre. There is a fair bit of adventure, a touch of mystery and even the love story between Ruben and Maria. But mostly it is a gentle fantasy full of magic and wonderful stories based on some very real artwork. Just some of the paintings included in the story are
Children’s Games by Peter Bruegel
The Pyramids Road by Edward Lear

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