April 2

Zac Power series by H. I. Larry

I picked up this book prepared to hate it. I am really not a fan of the boys spy adventure stories. I have always hated James Bond films and tolerated the Alex Rider books because it is part of my job.

And this book is no different. Another young super cool spy kid is snatched away from his family (who are also spies so they don’t worry) and sent off to some remote location with a couple of gadgets and his wits. Within 24 hours Zac has to complete some mission that has baffled adults in order to save the world. Need I say more?

Get Smart it aint. There is nothing for adults in this childish adventure. However, I expect this book will be extremely popular with many boys. The Alex Rider books are huge for most young readers and many reluctant reader boys will need to be convinced that they will enjoy them before they will even take it off the shelf. However Zac Power is short, illustrated and large type. It can be read in a day easily. In spite of my personal bias, it’s not a bad introduction to the whole spy thriller genre.

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